the charcoal story


Michel Bertrand, a French Scientist in the early 19th century, was so convinced of the great benefits and abilities of activated charcoal that he was willing to place his life on the line to prove how powerful it is. So in 1813, he consumed 5 grams of arsenic trioxide, enough to kill 150 people. After which he ingested some charcoal powder and miraculously survived, with no side effects.

Wanting to test the adsorbent properties of charcoal again, Professor Pierre-Fleurus Touéry decided to perform his demonstration in front of a large crowd at the French Academy of Medicine (Academie Francaise). There he ingested a dose of Strychnine, ten times higher than what was considered a lethal dose. (Strychnine is said to be the poison that killed Alexander the Great, and causes a most painful death). Bravely Touéry ingested 15 grams of Activated Charcoal with his lethal dose of Strychnine and shocked the audience when even after waiting for a long time nothing happened and he walked away unharmed.

The braveness of these men is still evident in modern medicine, as many hospitals today still use activated charcoal for many types of poisoning and overdoses.

At Advent Health we don’t recommend you try it out as they did, but we are very confident the you will be very pleased with the high quality Activated Charcoal powder we offer.