What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated Charcoal or Activated Carbon as it is some times called is produced by burning various woods under a controlled environment. The charcoal is the residue which remains when wood or certain other organic substances are burnt. When wood burns, the gases, resins, proteins, and fats are burnt out, leaving the remaining charcoal full of minute holes and crevices which make it brittle and porous. Put simply charcoal is burnt wood. This charcoal is them activated by steam, which opens up all the pores, just like your skin does in a hot shower. As a result of its high degree of microporosity, 1 gram of Activated Charcoal can have a surface area over 500m2.


What Does Activated Mean?

The ability to activate charcoal did not come until after the turn of the 20th Century, but was being used and was recognized as a useful haling agent even in its regular state.  Activated charcoal is produced from the controlled burning of wood or bone that is subjected to the action of an oxidising gas such as steam or air at elevated temperatures.  Regular charcoal still contains residues from the other elements that were burnt out of it.  The process of activating charcoal enhances the adsorptive power by removing this residue and developing an extensive network of fine pores.  When charcoal is activated, the surface area of one cubic centimetre is 1000 square metres!  This expanded surface is due to thousands of crevices, pits, grooves and holes which, when opened out and cleared of residue, make quite a large surface area, hence also expanding the ability to adsorb poisons.


What Is Adsorption?

Adsorption is attaching onto, rather than absorption, or taking into.  Eighty litres of ammonia gas molecules can pack into the crevices of one litre of pulverised charcoal.  The molecules are attached to the porous surface of the charcoal.  Charcoal is, therefore, more correctly described as an adsorbent rather than an absorbent.


Is it the Same as BBQ Charcoal?

No, it is not the same stuff people use on their BBQ. Activated Charcoal has been specially made for medicinal purposes. For thousands of years, different cultures have used the charred remains of wood from their fires to help with various ailments. Externally as poultices, and orally for internal bugs etc. 


What can Activated Charcoal be Used For?

There are many different ways to use Activated Charcoal powder. Activated Charcoal has been used to assist treatment with the following conditions; accidental poisoning, drug overdose, reducing intestinal gas, to treat bile flow problems during pregnancy, food poisoning, teeth whitening, to eliminate bad breath, to try to prevent hangovers, as an adsorbent in poultices, beauty cleanse face mask, detox programs and cleanses, diarrhoea, reducing high cholesterol, and more. If unsure please consult your help professional before using activated Charcoal. Since charcoal is non-toxic and can effectively adsorb a wide variety of poisons, it is of great use as medicine both internally and externally.  Charcoal adsorbs well at body temperature, even better than at high temperatures.  Charcoal has been used as a folk remedy as far back as recorded history.  North America Indians used charcoal for the treatment of gas pains long before Europeans settled the country.  Charcoal adsorbs poison when mixed directly with it in the stomach.  It would seem unlikely that it could extract poisons after they have entered the gastrointestinal tract or into the bloodstream.  However, recent experiments have shown conclusively that activated charcoal not only adsorbs in the stomach, small intestine and colon but can attract and draw from the blood back into the gastrointestinal tract where it adsorbs the poisons and inactivates them.


How Do I Use My Activated Charcoal?

For internal use, fill a glass halfway with water and add two to three spoons of Activated Charcoal powder, stir slowly so that you don’t splash the slurry water. When the charcoal is mixed with the water, top up your glass with more water, give a final stir and drink. Because the Activated Charcoal powder is so fine, I have found the easiest method for clean up to be to use a tissue and physically wipe the remaining charcoal from off the glass and spoon, discard tissue and go about your merry way. Be careful to handle the powder correctly as it is very fine and needs to be mixed thoroughly to eliminate the chance of aspiration into the airways. Always follow directions and the advice of medical professionals.


Can I Use Too Much?

Activated Charcoal is perfectly safe to use under normal circumstances. There are no bad side effects that result from using Activated Charcoal. However, if you are currently using prescription medicine or contraceptive pills it can neutralise their ability to work. Charcoal can still be taken safely but you would need to time it so as not to take them all at the same time. Some studies suspect that prolonged use may deplete the body of needed nutrients although this is not conclusive. We do not recommend prolonged regular use, however, use as needed and according to any directions of your healthcare professional.


Can Anyone Use Activated Charcoal?

Yes, Activated Charcoal is great for young and old. The great thing is the whole family can use it, which is helpful if a stomach bug is making its way around. It can be useful even before you get sick. If you are going to be eating out somewhere you could drink a glass of charcoal water beforehand preparing your body to expel any unwanted bugs that may try and make you sick.


What About Children?

Activated Charcoal is safe for children. It is great to mix with water and give the ‘slurry mix’ to your child to drink if needed. As in a case of sore tummies etc. The charcoal simply passes through their bodies removing any toxins on its way. You can explain it to your child that it is like a bus picking up all the tummy bugs in your body. Always use under adult supervision and according to directions and any recommendations from your healthcare professional.


Will It Cure Me?

Activated Charcoal is absolutely fantastic to expel many toxins or bugs that may have entered your system. When used correctly it works very well. However, it is not a miracle cure that will remedy all ailments. It will help if you have an upset stomach, food poising, for toxic cleansing, or simply for a detox. But all this is futile if you are continuing to put toxins into your body. As with any health supplement, Activated Charcoal works best when coupled with a healthy lifestyle, including, eating nutritional foods, maintaining an active exercise schedule, taking adequate rest, consuming plenty of water, getting enough sunshine, practising temperance by avoiding harmful substances, and learning to trust.


Is Activated Charcoal Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans?

This Activated Charcoal is made from a natural non-animal source and is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians. Charcoal is usually made from wood, specifically Bamboo or Coconut being the most common.


Is Activated Charcoal Powder Better Than Charcoal Capsules or Tablets?

Activated Charcoal Capsules are simply that, little capsules filled with charcoal. However, this is such a small amount in each capsule as opposed to putting a couple of spoonfuls of Activated Charcoal into a glass of water and drinking it. It will do something, but very little in comparison, and it is not very cost-effective. The same can be said of tablets, obviously, any tablet needs other ingredients to hold itself together. If you want a product that is simple to use and works great, quickly, then Activated Charcoal powder is for you.


Do You Really Think Activated Charcoal Works?

Yes, this is why we are willing to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. When used correctly, which is pretty simple, Activated Charcoal has bee shown to be very effective. I have personally used it for years and have benefitted greatly from doing so.


Is Activated Charcoal Easy to Store?

Yes, the special container has two seals to maintain the quality of your product. Initially, there is a tamper ring to ensure your new container of Activated Charcoal has not been opened. Once the lid has been removed the first seal will need to be peeled away from the top of your container and discarded. Ensure it is out of reach of children as aspiration may occur if inhaled.


Can I Use Black Activated Charcoal To Help Whiten My Teeth?

I know it sounds funny, but yes you can. Most good quality tooth whitening products will contain charcoal. But you don’t need to buy anything extra, simply open your Activated Charcoal container and place the bristles of your toothbrush into the charcoal powder. Remember to keep your mouth mostly closed while you brush.


What does Activated Charcoal Taste Like?

Amazingly Activated Charcoal has no flavour. This is why it is used in various ways, to deodorise air systems, filter drinking water, and remove smell or flavours in the food and pharmaceutical industries. So Activated Charcoal has no flavour, but it does have a chalky texture when taken internally. Best use internally is to fill a glass halfway with water and add two to three spoons of Activated Charcoal powder, stir slowly so that you don’t splash the slurry water. When the charcoal is mixed with the water, top up your glass with more water, give a final stir and drink.


Is It Only For Humans?

Activated Charcoal powder can be safely used for your pet or animal companions. From cats and dogs, goats, horses and cows, Activated Charcoal has been successfully used to treat different ailments and conditions. If it can remove toxins from you, it can remove them from man’s best friends as well.


Should I Use It Every day?

We do not recommend Activated Charcoal powder for continuous or long term use. There are no conclusive studies available to confirm if this is will have a neutral or negative effect. I would take Activated Charcoal powder as needed or as directed by your healthcare professional.  Should not be taken at the same time as other medication, including the contraceptive pill, or nutritional supplements, as the Activated Charcoal powder can reduce their adsorption. Not recommended for people with intestinal obstructions, or if a corrosive agent like a strong acid or alkali has been swallowed. Please consult your Poisons Centre or healthcare professional if at all unsure in the use of Activated Charcoal powder.


Are there any cautions with Activated Charcoal powder?

As Activated Charcoal powder may interfere with the absorption of medications it is recommended that you check with your healthcare professional before taking. Also, ensure adequate fluid intake is maintained. Ensure it is out of reach of children as aspiration may occur if inhaled.