what’s that black stuff?

Activated Charcoal is the worlds best adsorbent substance. We have been supplying high-quality Activated Charcoal powder to the New Zealand market since 2010.

At Advent Health we don’t sell a variety of products, we have searched the world to find the best activated charcoal that we could. And that is all we do, but we do it well. One product, one of the best, buy it once and you won’t look back. This particular activated charcoal has a high adsorption capacity and is a steam activated carbon of 100% natural origin. It has been processed to meet the high standards of purification required for internal and external uses. It stores well, and comes in a powder pot which is designed to prevent leakage of the charcoal.

Activated Charcoal is perfect as a food colouring for use within the food and hospitality industry. Are you wanting to make excellent rich black cakes, breads, icings and much more? Try Activated Charcoal. Plan your next ‘Black’ themed cakes and treats, soaps and whatever else your imagination can think off, with Activated Charcoal in mind. This Activated Charcoal is completely water insoluble and has a very low use rate, which means our fantastic 600ml container of Activated Charcoal will last you a long time to colour your cakes and deserts.